About MyCentura Online Patient Portal

With the MyCenturaHealth online portal, you can easily manage your medical and health records. This portal allows you to connect with thousands of healthcare providers. This gives you access to quality healthcare services without much effort on your part. You can use it on your computer or via a mobile app. This works on both Android and iOS devices. It is a great way to stay on top of your healthcare needs and get the care you need.

Centura CEOC has created a portal that allows patients to access their clinical reports, summaries and progress at any time. This is made possible with the help of an electronic record system called EHR. With this portal, you can schedule appointments with doctors from different categories that fit your schedule. Also, you can provide specific details for your next visit through this portal. This makes it easy for you and your doctor to stay on the same page.

mycenturahealth portal benefits

A little bit about the founders

D. Banko is the CEO of a company that wants to simplify the lives of people by transforming the healthcare industry. Ken Lee is the CIO of the same company. The company is also called MyCentura and it currently operates in 200 hospitals across western Kansas and Colorado. It provides its services to a number of hospitals like Parker Hospital and St. Anthony Hospital. The company also provides healthcare services to people who live in a large area of Colorado. It covers all corners of the state and all parts of New Mexico and Wyoming. Cities like Colorado Springs and Denver are also included in the company’s coverage area.

The primary healthcare center of MyCentura, Penrose St. Francis Health Services, is part of MD Anderson Cancer Network, which is an internationally renowned institution. It is devoted to cancer research and prevention. Apart from this, both Catholic Health Initiatives and Advent Health, MyCentura’s parent companies, are leaders in the healthcare industry.

At MyCentura, they have over 6,000 doctors and 21,000 healthcare specialists who work hard to make your medical experience better. This portal is a unique healthcare website that uses advanced iTriage technology from Denver. This means that you can easily book your medical appointments online at any time that suits you best. Plus, if you ever need to go to the hospital in an emergency, you can use this portal to let the emergency department know that you are coming.

Their main goal is to make managing healthcare easier and more convenient for you.

EHR system overview

Patients can use a website called the Patient Portal at any time of the day or night. It is available to them. MyCentura is a health system that uses an excellent electronic health record system called the Next Generation Electronic Medical Record. This system helps doctors to keep track of all the information about patients. It can be the duration of when they come to hospital and when they leave.

The online portal provided by your clinic also provides many useful features to help you manage your healthcare well. You can use it to request prescription refills from your doctor and view your test results regularly. There is no need to visit the clinic to check your reports as you can access the portal easily. This is a great resource to save time and avoid any last minute troubles during the clinical visits.

  • Review medical records.
  • Stay connected to healthcare providers with secure and end-to-end encrypted messaging.
  • Schedule and confirm appointments.
  • Check out your last clinical visit summaries.
  • Medical bills and e-billing.
  • Record your health-related information, such as your weight. To access HealthKit, you must create an account on MyCentura.